Roofing Tips

Turn Key: We are a home improvement consulting company handling everything for you from the initial contact with your insurance company to processing all documents with your mortgage company if applicable. We want the entire project to be as little of an inconvenience to you as possible. So please utilize our services and assistance.

Yard Sign: With your approval, placing a yard sign on your property is the first step to reroofing or adding vinyl siding to your home. We are very proud of this project and the work we do.

Pre-Inspection: Please be aware of any pre-existing damages you may have to your property (i.e. cracked driveway, patio, deck or skylights, broken tree limbs, damaged gutters, etc) We cannot be held liable for any pre-existing damages and to the best of our ability we will work around these areas without causing further damages.

Wiring & A/C Lines: Electrical, telephone, security, and air conditioning lines should not be installed directly underneath the roof deck. If you are aware of any such lines, we MUST be notified immediately. We cannot be responsible for the puncture of improperly installed lines within three inches of the roof deck.

Light Fixtures: These items can fall if not firmly attached to the wall or ceiling. We suggest that you check to make sure they are secure. If in doubt, take them down. We cannot assume responsibility for these items as a result of your home improvement project.

Satellite Dishes and Antennas: Please note that we are not responsible for repositioning for signal. We cannot be responsible for damaged caused by removal of these.

Access: We will need to have access to your driveway for our trucks. Please park your vehicle in the front so they do not get damaged from the falling debris.

Trees and Shrubs: We will do our best to protect your trees, shrubs, & flowers. If you have any flowerpots or statues near the front, back, or sides of your home, please remove them to a safe place. While we will be cautious around the bedding areas, we cannot be held responsible for damaged flowers.

Tear Off: When it is necessary to remove your existing roof, debris will fall through lath or decking into attic. We suggest covering or removing any items, which require protection.

Clean Up: The roofing crew will clean up the area throughout and upon completion, haul away debris, roll yard with magnetic roller, and clean the gutters and downspouts. Please be careful of any nails in your yard or near the driveway we may have missed by accident during the clean up phase.

Vents: Upon completion, PLEASE check the interior connections or your heater and hot water heater in your attic. These occasionally become dislodged. Let us know if you need assistance.

Completion: Upon completion of your project, we will do a complete walk through of your property.